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Sarah was born in England and raised in Scotland. Within a deeply musical upbringing Sarah studied piano, percussion and voice throughout school and finally got her BAHons in Communication Arts: Studies in Media and Performance from York St.John University in 2003. After that she moved to Charlotte, NC USA where she married her husband of now 14 years and has two little boys. 

Sarah's love for the arts and her spirituality have deep interwoven threads. As a mystic by nature, her music and photography take on a transient quality, with contemplation at the core of each piece. Her endeavors as an artist are always being drawn to the center of what it means to be human, to be spiritual, to love and be loved. In 2017 Sarah completed her certification as a Spiritual Director and is continually delving into the healing work of integrating Spirit, Art  and every day life. 

You'll find Sarah often creating spaces for the contemplative arts in communities, forming creative liturgies and sacred spaces where the invitation for all is deeply felt. 

To contact Sarah for booking, queries, or anything else, please email: sarahdeshields@gmail.com