Spiritual Direction


What is Spiritual Direction? 

Spiritual Direction is the art of holy listening. A Spiritual Director's main focus is to offer companionship of the soul, a listening ear and a place to discern what is moving in the Spiritual life of the Directee. The hour that takes place between the Spiritual Director and Directee is completely confidential and safe. All of life is spiritual, and all of life can be shared within that space. However, Spiritual Direction is NOT counseling, therapy or medical help. It is best described as a sacred space where we honor, discern, listen and express the inward life as it makes itself known outwardly. 

Sarah received her 3 year training at Charlotte Spirituality Center and is now a certified Spiritual Director, practicing in the areas of Charlotte NC, Boone NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Skype, Facetime and Phone sessions are also possible. 

To schedule a session, contact sarahdeshields@gmail.com